Creativity and Innovation

This blog contain about technologies, advertising, architecture, automotive, design, entertainment, fashion, innovation, and lifestyles in pictures and some videos. This information are updated everyday, but this information only delivered to us by pictures and videos, it has not enough information and explanation about the post.

The good things about this blog is that it has some different layout about the post such as classic which we can scroll up and down to see the post. Magazine layout gives us a view of a magazine of those posts. Flip card layout gives a view of posts in flip card view which can be arranged by date, author, label, and recent. Sidebar layout gives the information of posts on the sidebar of the screen, while snapshot layout gives a view of posts like a snapshot photos.

These posts on tinsiders only posted by the admin of tinsiders. So it’s only one way interaction in this blog. To improve this blog, it’s should two way of interaction, where people could also post information in this blog, and others could give comments on the post.


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