Creativity and Innovation

Big Ideas, trends, and predictions

Gesture-recognition technology is a technology that read body gesture, uses body gesture as a controller of devices.

No boundaries gives consumers freedom to shop whether online or directly to the store, or the combination of those two.

Cyberinsurance is an exposed caused by data breaches.

Proximity-based social networks using social network to interact and also for business purpose.

Public/private partnerships is a partnership made to private or public/government services.

Business rollups. Is a growth firms and the step of exiting to a venture capitallists. One of the growing method is merger and IPO.

Strategic technology consulting is a consultant services about all aspects in business.–

Local and mobile search is a trend of searching local store within 10 to 20 miles using mobile phone.

Social media for hiring is a method of hiring new employees using social media.

Outsourcing IT functions is using outsource IT to save more money.

Personalized business software is a process of making software based on our need to make us easier on accounting, keep up with tax rules, connect to customers, and to do business.

Increased franchising is making a franchising business in very low overhead costs and low start-up costs

Reputation reviews for business services is used in online business that gives reputation to the seller and to build trust to the buyer.

The deals space will continue to expand is a business growth and expansion through specialization.

The expense management of mobile applications are three areas that we feel will significantly challenge many organizations.

 More ad measurement is a challenge to give more advertising in a business.

Consumer products and technologies gives a competitive advantage for bringing in and retaining younger talent by consumerization and consumer-friendly business applications.

Innovative workspace services. Gives the autonomy to choose a workspace that optimizes their productivity by the hour, day, or month while increasing flexibility and reducing risk and overall cost.

Cloud-based documents and information resources is specialized advice and situational training will go mainstream through a combination of on-demand experts, social graphing and mobile devices.


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